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Reserve your greatest respect for yourself, because it is what you perceive your self to be that truly determins the quality of life.

My Notes

  • By our attitude, we decide to read, or not to read.
  • The work of creating my better future has just begun.
  • Springtime is the season for activity and opportunity.

    • It is not a time to linger or ponder failure.
    • Plant your seeds in the spring.
    • Springtime is a new opportunity, a new chance.
    • Don’t use today to await tomorrow, for when tomorrow comes it will be called today.
  • The summer of life is a time to protect.

    • It’s a time of daily effort guarding against the noxious weeds.
    • Devleop an understanding of the fact that all good will eventually be attacked.
    • Be grateful for adversity, because the human character is formed by our response to difficulty.
    • Concentrate a good share of your idle hours on self-development by planning more, reading more, and investing more.
    • Reserve your greatest respect for yourself, because it is what you perceive your self to be that truly determins the quality of life.


For six thousand years of recorded history, humans have entered this world, received parental instruction, classroom instruction, and gathered the experience of life; many have set for themselves ambitious goals, and dreamed lofty dreams, but upon the day that they draw their last breath, have left little behind as evidence of their existence other than a birth certificate, gravemarker, and one-half million dollars in consumed goods and services between their humble beginnings and uneventful end.

Location 90

For most, we remain forever in one of two categories—either poor, seeking to become wealthy or wealthy, seeking always to rediscover the happiness we had while we were poor.

Location 97

What we have been is an established and unchangeable fact. What we can yet become is an unlimited, boundless opportunity.

Location 122

Let the past be a servant for making the future both more enjoyable and profitable.

Location 126

There are those who will laugh at those who read useful books, and yet there is little difference between those who cannot read and those who will not read—the result of both is ignorance.

Location 144

Unpopular as it may seem, each of us accumulates people, customs, attitudes, habits, opinions, and philosophies which we very simply cannot afford to keep—if we seek honestly after an improved life.

Location 170

The gathering of a few business friends for lunch is a common, everyday occurrence. In one hour we can satisfy our hunger for food, gossip, ridicule and condemnation of those not present. We can repeat half-thruths brought to us through hearsay. We can complain about government, management, co-workers, traffic, taxes, weather, and the “system,” while doing nothing to produce solutions.

Location 173

Eating alone is better than mingling with those whose conversation is negative.

Location 178

Life is a delicate maneuver of selection, rejection, review and change.

Location 193

A major challenge in life is for each person to learn the art of standing guard at the doorway of their mind.

Location 195

Those who attempt to change themselves or their circumstances without severing the “mental anchors” which they’ve attached to themselves are going to make their task nearly impossible.

Location 211

Having brought us back from our wild dreams, ambition, and accomplishments with their well meant but destructive opinions, our friends celebrate by inviting us to their Friday night party where once again we will become active participants in the jokes, sarcasm, and gossip of those content with their own mediocrity.

Location 227

By our attitude, we decide to read, or not to read.

Location 287

Attitude determines choice, and choice determines results.

Location 298

Do not pause too long to soak in the aroma of the blossoming flowers, lest you awaken to find springtime gone with your seed still in your sack.

Location 334

Do not allow springtime to pass while you sit idly, contemplating the severity of the past winter of life.

Location 342

With intelligence, wisdom, and freedom of choice given to us as humans, exercise the discipline to plant in spite of the rocks, weeds, or other obstacles before us. The rocks, weeds, and thorns of the world cannot destroy all your seeds if you plant massively enough and intelligently enough.

Location 343

Listen not to the bearers of discouraging words—those who would have you rest with them during the work season of spring.

Location 348

As humans, we are given free agency—the right to choose; the right to use discipline, or not use it; the choice to act with courage, or huddle in fear; the choice to think, or respond out of habit.

Location 370

We must either plant during the springtime of life, or beg from others during the fall.

Location 392

The price, or effort of thinking thoughts of love, prosperity, or self-confidence, is no greater that the price given to thoughts of hate, poverty, or self-doubt. Only the rewards are different.

Location 395

Each day is given to us as a new season of spring. The thoughts, deeds, dreams, and efforts of today will provide tomorrow’s harvest.

Location 398

Do not use today to mentally re-live yesterday or to await the arrival of tomorrow, for tomorrow—when it arrives—will be called today.

Location 399

Seize the moments as you find them and mold them into your own better future.

Location 401

Life is designed to be a story of achievement in spite of adversity, not in the absence of adversity, for without adversity achievement could not exist.

Location 431

The spring is a time for the creation of things of value, and those things require the season of summer for growing and gaining strength that they might yield their result in the coming fall.

Location 438

Develop an understanding and awareness of the fact that all good will be attacked. It is nature’s way of qualifying those who are worthy and those who are not.

Location 442

Smile at adversity, for it shall surely appear.

Location 451

We must change our habits, our attitudes, our opinions, and often our occupations, residence, and even friends, if circumstances are ever to change.

Location 460

Only a massive, voluntary, and effective assault on changing causes is important. Direct your thought, conversation, and full attention to that if you wish to change circumstances; concentrate a good share of your idle hours upon self-development by planning more, reading more, and investing more.

Location 467

Since you cannot control the weather, or the traffic, or the one you love, or your neighbors, or your boss, then you must learn to control you…the one whose response to the difficulties of life really counts.

Location 480

Do not doubt yourself, for where doubt resides, confidence cannot.

Location 483

Do not spend time regretting the past, but invest that time wisely by preparing a better future.

Location 486

To those who are prepared, who have planted abundantly in the spring, guarded their crops carefully during the summer, and harvested massively during the fall, winter can be yet another season of opportunity. It can be a time for reading, a time for planning, a time for gathering our strength for the coming spring, and a time for taking comfortable shelter.

Location 566

We are meant to constantly improve our conditions, ourselves, and our results. We either improve, or we regress, for never do we remain the same.

Location 574

Much of life is in learning to always remain part of the solution rather than allowing ourselves to become part of the problem.

Location 598

The physically inactive season of winter is a time for adding to our storehouse of knowledge through continued education, which in truth, does not mean learning things that we do not know, but in learning to behave as we do not now behave

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