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Use auto as your flex-basis and, if you’ve set a width on the item, that width will be used as the flex-basis value. If you haven’t set a width, auto resolves to the content size.

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Perhaps the client has had a bad experience in the past, with customers complaining th at the site doesn’t work for them. Put their mind at ease by explaining how, by serving a simpler layout to older browsers, they are less likely to run into these issues. Visitors with older browsers will get a fast and performant website, tailored to the device they have. That’s a far better proposition than trying to somehow create a modern experience using old technology, something that is more likely to cause them problems.

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Books I’ve read.

Johannes Holmberg

Tiny summaries on books I’ve read. Sorted by latest read. But you can also sort on top recommendations. Highlights and covers are copyright to their respective authors.