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Our most persistent error as an industry has been to apply the largely incompatible principles of printed graphical communication design to the web.

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The truth is, design work is deliberation. It’s the pursuit of the best solution to a given problem. By relegating design to the realm of visual aesthetics, so much of the web goes undesigned. This can only lead to inaccessibility, poor performance and, of course, a general lack of utility.

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The web is made of code and must be designed, therefore designing with code is working with the right materials. This is the best course of action.

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In any case, thinking about the structure of data and trying to arrive at an optimal solution is designing and there’s not an Adobe license or copy of Sketch in sight.

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Though frequently omitted, declaring a language for a web locs are terminals: they accept information (input) and display information (output).

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On the other hand, forms are a 10,000-volt electromagnet for attracting usability problems.

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