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This is a short book. Very concise and to the point. Abby is going through the tools available for organizing any given thing. She gave me some new insights and techniques that I would like to try out.

For instance – create a list of words that you never should use in writing. That’s a great idea. Like a personal manual for your own prose.

There was also an extensive collection of all types of diagrams that could be used to sort out information. I should definitely practice this more so I’m comfortable in choosing the right tool for the job.


While we can arrange things with the intent to communicate certain information, we can't actually make information. Our users do that for us.

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What we intend to do determines how we define words like good and bad.

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We live our lives across channels. It's common to see someone using a smartphone while sitting in front of a computer screen, or reading a magazine while watching TV.

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When you discuss a specific subject, you subconsciously reference part of a large internal map of what you know. Other people can't see this map. It only exists in your head, and it's called your mental model.

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The more diagrams you get to know, the more tools you have. The more ways you can frame the mess, the more likely you are to see the way through to the other side.

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If you spend all your time thinking about how far the finish line is and fearing never getting there, you'll make slower progress or never make it at all.

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We listen to our users and our guts. There is no one right way. There is only your way.

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Be careful not to fall in love with your plans or ideas. Instead, fall in love with the effects you can have when you communicate clearly.

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To effectively arrange anything, we have to choose methods for organizing and classifying content in ways that convey the intended information to our intended users.

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